Friday, August 26, 2011

NZ icons. . .

Look at my icons of New Zealand. Some nature icons are the kiwi, sheep and kiwifruit.
Things that are made by people are the maori moko artwork, the fizzy fuzzy drink called L&P, and the rugby ball. Do you know the other name for greenstone is pounamu?
By Ezra, Room 4.


  1. Hi Ezra,

    You have painted some very interesting pictures of different things. How did you know the Maori name to the greenstone? You did well at choosing some NZ icons because these things are from NZ and some of the stuff that you have painted are made from NZ. When you choose to paint it, it feels like that you are supporting NZ. To help with your learning you could of typed in of why you wanted to paint NZ icons?

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields school.

  2. Hi Ezra your maori moko 2 looks magnifcent

  3. Hey, Ezra, my Year 6 class has just finished studying NZ and all the icons. The children LOVED studying the topic and I loved teaching it to them!! Nana (ADL) x


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