Friday, August 26, 2011

The amazing All Blacks!

The four All Blacks are Conrad Smith, Dan Carter, Ma'a Nonu, Corey Jane.
Can you guess which one is which?
If they win the world cup they will feel strong and proud of their trophy - called the 'William Webb-Ellis Cup.
By Ezra


  1. Hello Ezra,

    I like it how you wrote a lot of writing for a little boy, you a so clever. I hope you write more clever and great writings. keep it up Ezra.

    By Tina

  2. Wow Ezra,

    good writing and graphics, keep up your amazing work

  3. Hi Ezra,

    That is a great picture that you did because it looks like the real four All Blacks that you choose to do. You did really well at capturing the audience because that makes them keep on reading what you wrote or typed. How do you know the names to four different All Blacks that you choose? What did you use to paint your picture that goes with your typing?

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School.

  4. Wow Ezra,
    you did a wonderful picture Because it looks like the real Conrad smith , Dan cater ,Ma'a Nonu and Corey Jane I think Ma'a Nonu is the one in brown skin. Corey Jane on the right side of Ma'a Nonu. Conrade smith on the left end and Dan Cater next to Conrade smith . The thing I really liked about your comment was that you said who was in your picture.

  5. Hi Ezra,
    I really like your picture because you drew all of the people I like in the All blacks so that is why I think that you did a really great job what I also liked was when you wrote all the names to the people I the all blacks like Corey Jane,Conrad Smith,Dan Carter,Ma'a Nuno.

  6. Hi Ezra,
    I really like your picture you drew because I think that you did a really cool job drawing a picture with the All blacks in it and I really liked it when you drew and wrote some of the people that were in the picture like Daniel Carter,Conrad Smith,Ma'a Nonu and Corey Jane I really like those four all blacks because they are my favourite and I think that you did a really cool job.

  7. Nice Job Ezra,
    what a good picture of the all blacks. I think that I know witch one is witch. The Maori one is Ma'm Nonu Conrad smith the last one Dan cater
    and the second one to the front is Corey Jane. Am I right? you are one talented kid you know. You should be proud of yourself I bet you were very determined in all this hard work.

  8. WOW! Ezra

    What an awesome picture, you put a lot of details in it. You're a very SMART little boy Ezra. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

    From Thora

  9. Ezra, I am so proud of you! Congratulations on your great writing and your wonderful art work! Keep up the good work! Nana (ADL) x

  10. Hi Ezra I like your all blacks and your all blacks looks magnificent and gorgeous


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