Thursday, August 11, 2011

Helping my friend.

I went to the Life Education truck.I helped Harold choose the right things take to the beach.(Dictated to the teacher)By Zion


  1. Hi Zion . my name is Tyler p and i think your blog is very cool great work keep it up from Tyler p

  2. Hi Zion.....
    Hey I really like the life education van as well with Lynn and Harold the giraffe. Its good to know that you helped Harold to take the right things to the beach.
    Keep up the good work Zion...
    From Kayde.

  3. Hi Zion,

    I really liked your post about visiting Harold. I think that it was really nice of you to help him out. I hope that you have also learnt some quirky facts about visiting Harold.

    Yours Truly, Ala

  4. Hi Zion,

    i really your post about the life education. i hope you liked it.

    By Tina


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