Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My magic NZ rugby shirt.

Can you see my New Zealand rugby shirt? I wrote New Zealand in magic white letters and they showed when I painted it in black.
By Tom.


  1. Wow Tom,
    you are a great artist. I love how you said that the letters were magic.
    is that the top that the all blacks were?

    from Savannah

  2. Good job Tom,
    I wish I could wear that if I was in the rugby world cup it will be great if it came to life. The thing I loved about when you said the white writing was magic that was really interesting. Next time to make you writing better you could say how you felt when you made your t shirt.
    From Michelle at stonefields school

  3. Wow Tom,

    That was a great NZ Rugby T-shirt that you painted. It is using the All Blacks color of the T-shirt that you did. My favorite part was when you said that the writing was magic because it sounds interesting. How did you feel when you did it? Did you feel like that you were an All Black? Next time you could maybe add in some things that might encourage the readers that read what you typed.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School.

  4. hi tom what a exciting picure.
    love from kerstein


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