Monday, August 22, 2011

Munching on sweet green grass!

Guess what? My sheep likes to eat the sweet green grass from the field. He will be big and strong!
Story by Memory.


  1. Hi it is me Nezinli keep up the good work and I reckon when you grow up you are going to be an great artist.

  2. Hi Memory,
    want a good picture. it looks like your sheep really likes it in the fields. I love how you did not rush it and all the little sheep in the background. It all looks really nice together.
    love your work.

    from Savannah

  3. Hi Memory,
    You are a great artist. I love how you made it look like the sheep were in the background and it looks real I love it. :)
    Keep the good work. :)

    From Savannah at Stonefields school


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