Friday, September 3, 2010

Shylas waka hourua

Here is my twin hulled waka. It is sailing into the sparkling sea. My waka hourua has a wooden platform for sleeping, and keeping food and supplies safe. They bought coconuts, bananas and chickens and dogs to survive the treacherous waves!

(Dictated to Teacher)
By Shyla


  1. wow Shyla thats an amazing picture I can see a lot of detail and I can tell you are going to be an amazing drawer when you grow up. My favourite bit of the drawing is the waka because it looks like it's 3-D

  2. Wow Shyla that is an amazing picture i love all the detail on the waka, well done keep up the good work.

  3. Thats an awesome waka youve drawn shyla,i love it..your work is cool,keep it up.

  4. My name is Heather Bright and I'm attending the University of South Alabama. Dr. Strange is my teacher! This is a GREAT picture, very detailed and creative. I like how you named many different things to help you survive on the waka. Great job Shyla keep up the good work!!


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