Friday, September 3, 2010

Rimas first waka picture. . .

This is my waka sailing on the wonderful, wavy water.
My mighty Maori mariner is paddling the waka to discover New Zealand like me, because I came from Burma on a boat to New Zealand as well!

By Rima (dictated to the teacher)

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  1. Hi, Rima!

    My name is Amanda Brewton. I go to school in the United States of America at the University of South Alabama. The university is in Mobile, Alabama, and I'm taking a class called EDM 310. This class gave me the assignment to comment on your blog.

    I really like your picture of a waka! The water you drew is certainly wavy and wonderful.Is that an oar that the Maori mariner is holding in the water?

    I hope to see more beautiful pictures from you!



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