Monday, March 29, 2010

Hiding in the grass. . .

"This is the sleeping lion, but he woke up! He is hiding in the grass. I can see him through the glass. What a majestic animal." By Jamal.


  1. Hi Jamal! I like your picture of you and the lion hiding in the grass. You must have had a good time at the zoo. What was your favourite animal? I really like your writing.
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Jamal,
    I really like you drawing of your tiger.
    You are a very talented drawer for a year 1!!!!.
    Can you post another blog post?
    By Joshua.( RM 17 )

  3. Hi My Peko,
    What a great story about the lion.He woke up to play peeka boo with you in the grass. Haha. I love you my grandson.
    Love Nanna xxOxxOxx

  4. Oops Peko! I forgot to say, what a awsome drawing, you are so clever
    Love Nanna xxoxxoxx

  5. Nice drawing Peko i like the lion he looks like he is hiding away from you .

    Good work keep it up


  6. Great work son, i really like your Lion. You forgot to add your big muscles in the drawing =)

    Very good picture.


  7. Hello, My name is Tim Mai from the University of South Alabama. I'm in Edm 310 with Dr. Strange where I am studying to become a teacher. I just wanted to say GREAT PICTURE!!!


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