Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Under the sea

The fish is swimming fast and he is looking for food. By Lomio-Lee. (Dictated to the teacher)


  1. Wow Lomio-Lee!! Your picture is amazing. I like the way you have coloured your fish. Your story is very interesting too. Did you see the fish looking for food?

    Miss Lavakula

  2. Dear Lomio-Lee,
    We really like your picture because it is really colourful. We like the water and the sea weed. We think that you can draw even better than some of us and we are 7!
    From Room 8 at Grey Lynn School.

  3. Dear Lomio-lee, We liked your fish because we liked the colours! Venetia likes the bright colour of the water.

    Love from Room 2 XX

  4. Hi Lomio-Lee Gataua:).......Hey like your colourful fish guess you take up art just like your mum:)

  5. Hi! Your picture is awesome. I really like it and your comment about the picture. I love the colors.
    Amanda Sullivan
    Mobile, Al


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