Friday, September 9, 2011

My favourite sport

Dad bought me a rugby T-shirt. I love playing rugby with my brothers.(Dictated to the teacher) By Bobby-Jon


  1. I love the All Black jersey you have drawn

  2. Hi bobby Jon I like your all black and your all black looks magnificent.

  3. Hi BJ.I really like your work it is MAGNIFICENT.I think it is remarkable and spectacular.From Ezra.

  4. Wow Bj,
    you are so lucky! Did you were it to the opening ceremony of the rugby world cup?
    You are a very talented artist I bet you are going to be a artist when you grow up.
    well done! :)

  5. Wow Bobby John,

    Why did your dad buy you a rugby world cup t-shirt? Why do you like playing rugby with your brothers? What does your rugby world cup t-shirt look like? When you watch the rugby world cup which team are you going to support? I think you are going to support the All Blacks because in your picture it had All Blacks t-shirt.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields school.


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