Friday, September 16, 2011

Dreaming of Colcannon!

When I was gone from school I was sick in bed. When I got out of bed I played with Toby.
I think the Colcannon Room 4 made would be remarkable, amazing and magnificent!
It is an Irish dish of mashed potato, spring onions, chinese cabbage, salt, pepper and butter.
I was sad because I wanted to have some Colcannon. . .
By Noah, Room 4.


  1. Miss Walker Noah, I am glad you are better. It was sad that you missed out on the Colcannon, but maybe you will make it another time and then you can eat it. It sounds delicious and as you said "magnificent." What wonderful words you are using in your writing.

  2. Hi Noah I love your drawing and you to.

    By Your Brother Levi.


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