Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My favourite ice-cream

I love eating hokey pokey ice-cream. Mum buys it for me all the time.(Dictated to the teacher) By Glennes.


  1. Hi Glennes, What cool sentences you have talking about eating Hokey Pokey. I like Hokey Pokey to, I like the the little yellow balls inside the ice cream.
    Keep up the cool work Glennes!
    From Seini-Mino

  2. Hi Glennes,

    What a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it. Your graphic tells me that you really love eating hokey pokey ice-cream. My favourite ice-cream is cookie's and cream. It is very scrumptious.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Mubasshira, Room 20
    Pt England School

  3. Hey Glennes

    You must really love Hokey Pokey ice cream. I like that as well but that's not my favourite though. You are lucky to have your favourite ice cream

    By Matthew T

  4. Hi Glennes, You are such a talented artist keep it up.

  5. Hi Glennes,

    Why do you like hockey pockey ice - cream? My favorite ice - cream is cookies and cream because it is delicious. Do you think many people in your class like hockey pockey ice - cream? Maybe if you wan't to know what favorite ice - cream they like you could do a bar graph.

    FRom Noeramiah at Stonefields School.

  6. Wow Glennes,
    What a great picture. I love it. It looks like the real thing! why do you like this ice-cream?
    It is an amazing picture almost like a photograph.
    I love it.
    :) :) :).

    from Savannah


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