Monday, September 21, 2009

Room 2 features on Canada A.M. News!

Today something wonderful happened for Room 2.
A story about them was on Canada A.M. News.
The story was also about some runaway GingerBread Men.
You will want to watch THIS one!!


  1. Hey there room 2,
    How does it feel to have been on the Canada Network? I bet it was a wonderful experience, I know that I would have loved to be on the TV, especially in Canada!! How were the gingerbread men? I'm sure they would have tasted awesome!! Keep up the fantastic work room 2.


  2. Kia ora Room 2. We loved watching what your gingerbread man got up to when Mr Burt let him out of the oven!
    We could see you were all concentrating very hard to get your icing on the gingerbread man cookies.

    Love from your friends in Room 4.

  3. Hi room 2 that movie was fabulouse and funny as weel


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