Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mubashshir's Rainbow

Rainbows are colourful. I like rainbows.

By Mubashshir


  1. Hi Mubashshir,
    You used the line tool and the paint bucket really well, because look at the colorful rainbow you drew!

    Can you put yourself in your next computer drawing?
    From Room 4 & Miss Wild

  2. Hi Mubashshir,
    I like rainbows as well. I like them because their colourful. When I think of the colours of the rainbows I can just think of ROGYBIV. ROYGBIV stands for R=red, O=orange, Y=yellow, G=green, B=blue, I-indigo and V=violet. I learn't that when we were learning about a topic called Light Fantastic. It was really cool just like your cool work. Keep up the good work Mubashshir

  3. Lovely rainbow keep up!


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