Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sione's Wolf

The wolf wants to eat the Gingerbread man.
By Sione.


  1. What BIG teeth your wolf has! I would love to know how you made this scary wolf.

  2. Hi Sione I like your picture of a wolf. i Like how you drew Hair for the wolf. Why Do You like the wolf best?
    From Gloria

  3. By sione fohe

    wow what a cool photo

  4. Hi Sione

    What great teeth your Wolf has. It is so cool. When I imagine it, to me it is like the Wolf that is wearing grannys clothes in Little Red Riding Hood. I would really want to see more from you just beacuse you are very good in drawing.

    Thank You

  5. Wow Sione your wolf is scary! I like how he has big sharp teeth and long hair!!! You are very artistic! Keep up the beautiful artwork!

    Caroline- University of South Alabama, United States


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