Monday, June 24, 2013

Giovannis Elephant!

"Look at my elephant! I like my elephant because he has a fabulous swinging trunk to clean the bamboo before he eats it" said Giovanni.

By Giovanni, Room 4.


  1. Wow Giovanni I love your pictuer keep drawing you'll get better at it

  2. Hi Giovanni,

    I love the toenails on your elephant! Your story helps me to know what is happening in your picture. Did you see the elephant swinging his grey, wrinkly, saggy, baggy trunk at the zoo?


    Miss M xoxoxo

  3. Hi Miss M,

    Its Giovanni here. Yes I did see the elephant swinging his saggy grey trunk!!

    Love from Giovanni, Room 4.

  4. Hi Giovanni,

    I like your elephant, said Hararei.

    From Hararei, Rm 4


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