Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Zealand Icons

Room 5's Movie.

NZ Icons from KPE TV on Vimeo.


  1. Room 4 kids & Miss WildNovember 9, 2011 at 9:21 AM

    Hi there Room 5! Its your buddies from Room 4 here and we just watched your amazing movie about NZ icons - we laughed and smiled and really enjoyed it! You are a star Mrs Lal and Room 5.
    Room 4 and Miss Wild

  2. Wow, Room 5---Room 1 are so proud of you!! What a great movie! Now we know so much more about NZ icons! You are all our Favourite icons!!

  3. What a wonderful movie Team 1 kids. We loved how you showed lots of different but important icons in our country. You are all so clever at drawing detailed pictures too. Keep up the wonderful work and we look forward to watching more of your movies.

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 9

  4. Hay I like your movie about New Zeland icons.What an amazing movie.I really like the pictures of New Zeland.Your movie is one of my favroite.You are a cool class.Your presenters were fantastic.Keep it up.

  5. Hi Room 5,

    I really enjoyed watching your movie at the Hoyts cinema. Your song is very catchy. Did you sing the song? Your movie would be an excellent advertisement for Overseas visitors to come to New Zealand.

    Keep up the great movies,

    From Miss Paton

  6. Kia ora Room 5
    Thank you for sharing your ataahua (beautiful) artwork. I loved your drawings and was wondering if you used kid pics. I particularly liked your Pounamu and Taniwha drawings, they were tino pai (very good).
    Ka pai Mrs Lal, artists and models from Room 5
    Arohanui (lots of love)
    Ms T x

  7. HI Rm 5. I came from Tauranga a few weeks to visit your school and I have just found your blog linked on an American Website. I loved all your drawings and am going to share this with some of the schools I work in. Great work!!

  8. Great job Room 5, I loved watching your movie at the film festival.

    Your drawings were fantastic and great to see so many NZ Icons.

    Miss Gleeson

  9. Congratulations on a very entertaining movie. You captured the essence of Aotearoa and are great ambassadors for NZ. Really enjoyed it!!! Ms Hansell (Tamaki Primary)

  10. Kia ora,

    I really enjoyed watching your movie and all the things that are special to Aotearoa. My class is also studying N.Z icons/treasures this term so your movie is also going to help us with our learning.

    Ka Pai.

    Miss Morris (PBS)

  11. I like your movie room 5 its so cool you rooked out the show. keep it up room 5.
    i love it.

  12. I love the colourful pictures in your movie. Your movie shows how different New Zealand is compared to other countries. Keep up the good work!


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