Thursday, July 14, 2011

Packing my Lunch.

I put a banana, an apple and a sandwich in my lunch box because they are all healthy food.
By Nyree
(Dictated to the teacher)


  1. Hi Nyree, What a great post. I agree, those things are very healthy to ahve for lunch. I really like the way you drew your lunchbox and the food inside. Very clever.
    Miss Walker

  2. Hi Nyree,
    What a Wonderful post about how to pack a good lunch, those are all the things I would put in my lunch. Also I think that your picture is quite creative and cool!
    Keep up the FANTASTIC work!
    From Seini-Mino

  3. Wow! isn't that an healthy lunch keep up the good and healthy lunch. Ka pai.

    love from kaloni

  4. What an amazing work you have really done!!!, and
    yes that really is yummy to eat. Your picture is great it makes me want to eat it.
    remember that there are 3 thing that are healthy,like fresh fruit and a sandwich also a healthy snack. your class and your teacher must be fit.

  5. Hello Nyree, What an nice and healthy lunch you had.

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