Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cooking at the College.

We went to Tamaki College to their cooking lab and we made sensational savoury muffins.
The seniors helped us to bake them and my person was called 'Captain Sprinkles"!!
Can you guess what the green ingredient is?
It makes you better, bigger, faster and stronger.
At the end we got a magnificent gingerbread man to take home.
What an exciting time!!
By Ezra.


  1. Hey Ezra

    great picture of the chef! I was thinking about eating the gingerbread man that you brought home...what do you think? You wouldn't miss it would you?


  2. Hey Ezra

    Great story I love you picture of you and the chef! I'm sure you had lots of fun. Keep up the great work. Hope you cook me some!

  3. Hi Ezra
    I really like how you put Bigger, Better, Faster,and Stronger in because it goes with the Term. I think that would be very fun to be cooking with big kids. Keep up the good work and hope you cook me some!!

  4. Hi Ezara,
    Great writing, I love how you used the word sensational and savoury in your sentence. Keep it up, you can become a good writer and write your own books. Hope you have a great day!

  5. Hi Ezra your picture looks magnificent and cool.

    by Sifa

  6. You were so lucky to go to Tamaki College. I hear that they loved having you there too. And what an amazing illustration you have created I didn't know that the Seniors were dressed up just like professional chefs until I saw your detailed picture. Fantastic work Ezra.
    Mrs Nua

  7. Hi Ezra,

    It looks like you had fun cooking savory muffins at Tamaki Collage. When you got a Ginger - bread man did you make it? I think the green ingredient that makes you bigger, better and faster is maybe apple because it is a fruit and fruit is really healthy for you.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields school.

  8. Yes Ezra,Room 1 had lots of fun too cooking at Tamaki College. We made a swiss carrot cake. I wonder if anyone has tried cooking those special recipes at home? We are all looking forward to our next cooking adventure and hope we get invited back really soon!

  9. Hi ezra you have a magnificent picture here and I love it very much. said ajani.

  10. hi Ezra I really like your photo that you drawled and this is sisilia and I hope you read it if I do a other one

  11. Hello Ezra,
    The savory muffins sounds so yummy looks like you had so much fun making the savory muffins.What did you put in the muffins? did you work together with someone else in your class room?
    From Michelle at stonefields school

  12. Ezra, how exciting - you love to cook! When Grandpa and I come over to NZ at Christmas, I will have to tell you about all the fun cooking I have been doing with my Year 6 children this year. Maybe you and I could share wonderful recipes! Love - Nana (ADL) x


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