Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fruity favourites

I like to eat fruit. I grow bananas in my garden.
By Kei
(Dictated to the teacher)


  1. Hi Kei,

    I really like your post! I like eating fruit too! what is your favourite fruit?
    Any Way keep up the good work.

    God Bless.
    By Joshua

  2. Hey Kei,

    Awesome Work,I love your drawing's.Very artistic.That's good that you like growing bananas in your garden.Thats a very easy way to get your 5+a day up.

    Matthew R Room 20

  3. Hey Kei,

    I LOVE your sentence about healthy and delicious fruit and how you grow your bananas in your garden. I love bananas and I wish I had a garden that grows fruits like you! I also love the pictures you have drawn, it suits your story! WELL DONE!

    From Sylvia


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