Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet and delicious. . .

My favourite fruits are pineapple, rockmelon, watermelon, and strawberries. They are all sweet and delicious. I love magnificent delicious fruit because they are all terrific and sweet!
By Ezra


  1. Dear Ezra
    I love the sound of that
    any way maybe you could tell us what the fruit are because some people like me do not know what rock-melon is but you did really good at telling us what you were doing.

    from Savannah

  2. Sounds yum Ezra, can't wait for strawberry season again. Do you remember that delicious and easy ice cream Mum makes with strawberries? mmmm.... yum.

  3. I reckon you will be one healthy boy if you eat all that delicious fruit! Maybe that is what is makinhg you so tall? When I came home from NZ three weeks ago, I was given a great cook book, and you should see the wonderful fruit kebab and melon ball recipes in there! I'll have to share them with you sometime! Love you - Nana (ADL)


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