Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fruit in my garden...

I have an apple tree in my garden.(Dictated to the teacher)
By Ana


  1. Hi Ana, I really like your picture you drew. It is nice and I think it really looks like a garden and I think you should draw another picture of your garden. I hope it will be
    a cherry tree because I love cherry's. It is my favorite. I also Like your tree that you drew from your garden so I think you should keep up the good work you are doing. If you Don't know how to draw a cherry tree it does not matter because everyone is not good at drawing every thing. I like the sun the most because I think you colored it in properly and it looks good to me.
    from Roquia at Stonefields school.

  2. Hi ana good story said ajani.

  3. Hi Ana,
    That is so cool that you have an apple tree in your garden you're so lucky. Do you pick the apples with your family?
    The thing I like about your writing is that you wrote where the apple tree was and what type of tree it was.


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