Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boom...Team 1 at Mission Bay

Team 1 had a fantastic day at the beach checking out Rangitoto and making their own volcanoes in the sand! Check out our movie and see how we transformed the beach into a volcanic plateau!


  1. Your Room 2 friendsJune 23, 2010 at 12:50 PM

    Dear Mrs George and Room 1 - We just watched your movie and we liked it because it was fabulous!
    We like the shining star effect because it makes our heats fly up to the sky too!
    Thankyou for making the fake volcano work, Santy.

    Arohanui from your friends in Room 2.

  2. Hello Room 1.

    First all R.I.P to Michael Jackson who passed away on June 25th 1 year ago. I still can't believe it. Second what an awesome day for a trip to the beach. Great weather and everyones enjoying themselves. I love how you guys made sand volcanoes pretty cool and well done to Ms George for the sound affects and firework looking exploding cracker haha that was a mouth full. Anyways have fun learning about volcanoes.

    Khaias mummy =)

  3. Hi room1. I like your movie because it has alot of details and it is cool.well done Room1 and mrs george,from venetia.


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