Friday, May 14, 2010

Love you,grandma.

I went to grandma's house. I eat some noodles.By Ave.


  1. Hey Ave your animation was good that sounds tasty about noodles nice work.

  2. WOW! Ave I love going to my grandma's house do you?I also love to eat noddles I hope you love noddles.

  3. Hi Ave I wish I was there to eat noodles with you and your grandma, by the way your picture looks very pretty and was the nice?
    Comment back is you have the time.

  4. WOW! Ave it was great I hope you love noodles from know on and take care. From Zion

  5. Hello Ave that story about you and your grandma eating noodles is awsome.Keep up the hard work

    From Lola


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