Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Riding Quad Bikes

Do you like quad bikes? Listen to Zane's exciting weekend.


  1. Hi Zane, I love your story. It sounds like you had so much fun on the farm. I am glad you didn't run into the pigs! I thought you were so clever when I saw you reading your story today. I am glad I have got to see the finished movie on your blog. Well done. Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Zane
    That was a great story and you did a great job of not running into the pigs while you were on the quad bikes. You forgot to tell everyone that you were going really fast! Great reading, I love the way you looked at the camera.

  3. Hi Zane,
    That was a awesome story. Sounds like you had fun on the farm and also on the quad bikes. You look like a natural on the camera. Keep up the good work Zane.


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