Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's for dinner?

I have chicken and pumpkin for dinner with my family. It tastes delicious.
By Kahui.


  1. Hi Kahui,
    I like your picture. It gives me a picture of what kinds of delicious foods you and your family eat! So you like to eat pumpkin? To be honest I don't really like pumpkin but I do like to carrots, which is like a pumpkin because a pumpkin is orange like a carrot. The only problem is that a carrot is smaller then a pumpkin and a carrot is orange all over unlike a pumpkin that is only orange on the inside. Keep up the yummy writing and detailed drawings Kahui!


  2. Hi Kahui,

    Love your drawing, mashed potatoes are my favourite. Keep up the good work, good job!

  3. Wow ! You are so lucky to have such a yummy dinner! I like your drawing too! Thanks for sharing!


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