Friday, August 23, 2013

Mr Harold - Kennedys friend!

"I like Harold because he was playing with me an having some fun.  He taught me to eat healthy food like vegetables and fruit every day so you can get stronger muscles!" said Kennedy. Rm 4 (dictated to Teacher)


  1. Kia Ora Kennedy,
    We like your post because your picture really looks like Harold with the puzzle pattern! Bethany said "You must have good listening ears because you listened to Harold about healthy food".

    Arohanui, Your Room 4 friends. xxxxxx000000xxx

  2. kia ora kennedy
    we Iike your picture

  3. hi Kennedy
    Room 4 Iike your picTure kennedy said
    Jasmine wow kennedy I Think you Look
    Iike a pinc
    Room 4


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