Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dance Moves!!!!

Last week Andrew and Mateo (Year 8) came to hang out with Room 4 (Year 1).
We were using our technology gadgets (ipads) to have fun and create something.
The boys taught Room 4 how to access Garage Band and how to create some music.

Well, after that, we thought why not go to the next level and film someone dancing to the music that Andrew created in garageband.

Look at the awesome result. . .
A big thanks to Andrew K(songwriter)  and Mateo T (Director of photography) and of course the star performer - Viliami!

Enjoy watching. . .


  1. I love your moves Viliami. What a great collaborative effort! I know Andrew and Mateo loved working with your cool class. You'll have to come and visit our room sometime and see what else we can share!
    I love it - Mrs Nua

  2. Hey guys it me Andrew i would like to are very big thanks to you guys you guys rock.i wish that i can come to your guys class see you next time.

  3. Hi room 4 kids i love your work

    I hope you enjoy

  4. Hi Viliami awesome dancing keep the good work.

  5. Hi.
    That was really good Viliami. I Think I will come and learn some moves from you.


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