Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes!

Rodd bought some birthday cupcakes to school today. . .WOW!

Read what some of the children wrote about them - Kaya wrote "Guess what? Rodd bought fantastic cupcakes. The icing on top looks like a rainbow or a cloud! I hope they are delicious".

Ana wrote, ". . .Rodd bought beautiful cupcakes from home. Do you know it smells delicious?"

Nasibah wrote " The icing was twirled on the cupcake and it smells like a summer orange. It looks like a rainbow".

Lepa wrote "Rodd bought beautiful cupcakes from home."

Hine wrote "What amazing cupcakes. I love the icing on the top  like a Mr Whippy ice-cream."

Latoya wrote "Rodd bought cupcakes to amazing Room 4. It smells like summer icing on the top."

Christina said ....."the cupcakes are magnificent."

I love my brainy beautiful kids and the way they are thinking descriptively in their writing.

Miss Wild


  1. Hi Year 1's

    I really like your photo of you holding your cupcakes. They look very delicious. I hope you enjoyed eating them

    From Angel at Panmure Bridge School

    1. Room 4 at Pt England SchoolNovember 29, 2012 at 12:51 PM

      Hi Angel,

      Its Room 4 from PES here! The cupcakes were delicious and scrumptious! We thought the icing was tasty, and we were very spoilt by Rodds sister, Jouan, and his lovely Mum, Judith.
      Thanks for your blog post. From Rm 4.

  2. hi rodd I like amazing.


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