Thursday, May 24, 2012

The happy elephant with the long twisting trunk has deep brown grey wrinkles. His big wrinkly ears go flap, flap, flap, flap to keep his body cool.
By Naomi
(story designed by Room 1)


  1. Hi Honey - your picture looks really cool - i like how you have drawn your elephant :)

    keep up the great work - Love you Mum :)

  2. hi naomi I like your elephant.

    from judah

  3. Hi Naomi - its your Room 4 friends here. We love your elephant because your words are VERy descriptive. When we read your story out loud, it drew a picture in our heads of your elephant!!

    Well done and thanks for sharing,

  4. Well done Naomi! You have remembered our recycled story using interesting word groups and illustrated the story appropriately. Next step would be to try out those words groups on your own to create a 'Naomi' inspired story.


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