Friday, December 9, 2011

Whoops - I dropped my bucket!

The astronaut was flying into space to the moon to collect some moon rocks and sand from the craters. He better watch out for the flying asteroids! Can you see the American flag on the little moon? I drew that because the Americans were the first ones to land on the moon!
(Dictated to the teacher)
By William, Room 4.


  1. Hi william cool story i wish that was my sisters because it is cool and yes i can see the american flag and i love you miss wild very much.

  2. Wow William,

    That was an awesome picture you drew. How Did you know that the Americans where the first ones to walk on the moon? I really liked how you said what the astronaut was doing and why he was in space. Your writing and picture was so cool that I can' think of anything for you to improve on.

  3. Hello William that is a very good picture. I like how you explained that Americans were the first ones to land on the moon. Well doneD!

  4. Hello William
    That is a great picture you drew. I liked how you explained that amaricans were the first ones to go on the moon.

  5. Hi William. You are a star at drawing. We love your astronaut bouncing on the moon. From your friends. Room 5


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