Friday, December 9, 2011

Exploring space!!

My amazing astronaut is having fun because he is jumping on the crazy craters and bouncing like a kangaroo. Guess why?
If you guessed its because there is no gravity on the moon - you are very smart! Watch out for the rocket behind you Mr Astronaut or it might crash into you!
"I want to go back to my rocket before the asteroid rocks and comets hit me."
(Dictated to the teacher)
By Noah, Room 4.


  1. hello noah!!!!!!! WOW that is an awesome picture.I love your astronaut and your planets.Keep up the cool work.

  2. Hey noah did you remember we had a race know lest talk. WOW is that a photo or you drew it because that is MAGNIFICENT.from ajani pakalani

  3. Wow! What a powerful and exciting description of what it would be like "outta this world" and in space.
    I love your amazing picture also.

    Love Mum & Toby

  4. NOAH OMG i love that. do you know if that was faioso i waled freak out do you know that and that is all i can say so by i love you.from ajani.xxooxox


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