Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making Sushi in Room 4

We are making sensational sushi in Room 4. We need carrots, cucumber, sticky rice and seaweed sheets.
By Memory


  1. Good work Memory Im very proud of you. You have been doing well i hear. By the looks of your picture your sushi looks good to eat.
    Keep up the good work.
    From daddy

  2. Hi Memory
    I like you work but it need more information. Keep up the good work and hope you can make me some Sushi!!

  3. Hi Memory
    I love your drawing and writing you did, and the smart word you used in your sentence which is "sensational I never knew little people like you can use such hard words. Well done!

  4. Hi Memory WOW magnificent work your BIGGER,BETTER,FASTER and STRONGER way of working is COOL AS keep up the good work love from Ezra.

  5. Dear room1 I enjoyed your move it was cool.

    From Semi Room 11

  6. MM I love sushi and I love your drawing. I like how you told me what you put in it. well done!


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