Friday, June 10, 2011

Healthy food.

Mrs. Lal always tells me to eat my sandwiches first then I can eat my blueberries and snacks.(Dictated to the teacher)
By Aneelis


  1. Hi Aneelis, Mrs Lal tells you a good thing. Eating delicious blueberries after eating your sandwich is a fantastic idea.
    I love your picture.

    Miss Walker

  2. Wow Aneelis,

    That is great. But why do you need to eat your sandwiches first then your blueberries? I think I know why because you need to eat your healthy food so you can be nice and healthy.

    From Noeramiah.

  3. mm I love blue berry's they are my favorite fruit. I love your picture also you used all those adjectives. love your work!!!

  4. Hey Aneelis
    love da colour very nice:)it alway good to eat healthy all da time:)and all da healthly you draw a al my favorite food,love:)good work Aneelis well done.


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