Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Picnic splashing

I drew a picture of me at our school pinic. I went for a swim and did lots of splashing.
By Justus
(Dictated to the teacher)


  1. Hi Justus, What a cool picture. I love the clouds and you swimming. Splashing can be fun.

  2. I bet you did do a lot of splashing around! It was a lovely day we had down at our local beach. Our school is in a very beautiful place isn't it. So close to the beach, sports fields, bush walks and more! I think your picture is very good for someone your age. I like how you show only the top part of your body because the rest is in the water. Well done! I hope you are working hard in class. Lots of love xx mum

  3. Hi Justus
    I didn't swim at the picnic ,but I'm sure If I did I would be splashing and flapping my arms every where.Keep up the good work.

    From jorja

  4. hi justus i love your cool picher

    by patricia


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