Friday, March 25, 2011

King of the jungle

I saw the lion at the zoo. He was sleeping under the tree.(Dictated to the teacher)
By Samoa


  1. Your Room 4 friends say "Thank you for sharing your fabulous picture with us.
    We think you drew a magnificent mane on your lion.
    Love from the Room 4 kids!

  2. What a cool lion Samoa! Great work.

    Xx Michaels & Simons Mum =)

  3. hi Samoa I like your look cool and alwose .It has lots of cool things in it . By Glennes sister

  4. Hi Samoa,

    I loved your picture of your tiger that was a great title for you picture, that tiger did look like the king of the Jungle. That was a fantastic writing. Keep it up Samoa. Great work Cousin Roslyn.

    From Sela xoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. Hi Samoa,

    I loved your picture keep it up.
    I really like how you drew the frizzy hair part.
    Hope you draw more.



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