Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Future Leader!

I like school. I like eating lunch and playing outside with my friends. I really like being the leader!
By Justus
(Dictated to the teacher)


  1. Hello Justus,
    We like school just like you. We eat lunch at school and play outside. It is winter now and we have lots of snow. What is your weather like?

    From the KinderKids in Deerfield New Hampshire USA

  2. Hello Justus. How neat to see your big smile on your class blog. Woo hoo - Justus' first post! I'm sure with your neat class and teacher they'll be plenty more. I'm glad you like eating your lunch. Be a good leader when you get the chance Justus. Love - mum xx

  3. Hi Justus,

    How exciting is this? I'm so proud of your first blog. I will be checking this often to make my Day, be a good boy and also listen to Mrs George.

  4. Hey Justus from Room 1

    Wow first week and you have a blog!!!Now thats cool.Good to hear your enjoying school, especially lunch time.

    Uncle Andrew

  5. JUSTUS!!!!

    Well done! your first blog!!
    Keep on enjoying school, you will do well:)
    Have a Great day Future Leader!

    Aunty Fatty.x0x

  6. Hi Justus,
    I'm glad that you're having a good time at school. You look very smart in your new uniform.
    Well done Justus!


  7. Hi Justus,

    I like your story.If you really like school you might like it when your older.I bet you like lunch because you have a nice

  8. Hi Justus its Tauwhare here,
    I really like to be the leader too. Your story about you is awesome. Keep up your writing its great Justus.Have a great day with you friends. From Tauwhare.


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