Monday, December 13, 2010

Bouncy Castle Bliss. . .

What a wonderful finish to the year for Team 1!
Some teachers entered some beautifully decorated stars
into the 'Stars for Christmas' competition to decorate
trees at Starship hospital.

Well - two of Mrs Lal's smart boys won a prize.
A big thank you to Aron and Lomio- Lee for his amazing star which won a cash prize.

Mrs Lal decided she would like to share this with ALL of Team 1, because that's the kind of lady she is - so, thank you to Mrs Lal too!

Check out these pictures of happy, smiling, gorgeous Pt. Englanders. . .


  1. Wow! The bouncy castle was amazing and everyone in Room 23 had a great time. Thank you to Mrs Lal for sharing and to Ms Wild for posting this. Aron and Lomio-Lee you are both awesome!

  2. Wow! You guys are so clever! I wish my class are able to enjoy the bouncy castle one day! Do you have any photos of the event to share with us?

    Mrs She.


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