Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Kupe put some bait on his hook. He threw it into the ocean and caught a big fish.(Dictated to the teacher)By Lomio-Lee


  1. To Lomio-Lee,
    That is a wonderful fish you have drawn. We love your story as well because it makes so much sense. It is a good retelling.
    From Jack and Charlotte.

  2. Hi Lomio-Lee

    We think that your fish looks amazing! Well done.

    Mrs Lagitupu and Room 23

  3. To Lomio-lee (son)
    I like,how you draw your fish and the colour you put on your picture,and how you draw da hook and da ocean,and i love how you put all your draw to are stroy,very nice son,i like it so much,keep up da hard work :) :) :).......

  4. Hey lomio-Lee

    We love your draw and how you put in 2 are story,very nice lomio-lee great work.


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