Tuesday, August 24, 2010

At the cross country

I can beat the boys. I will be the golden champion. My mum will be so happy. I will get a marshmallow dessert because I can run so fast. By Izac


  1. Hi Isac
    I bet that you will come first in the cross country because you are a talented boy god luck....

  2. Hi IZac

    That was a great story. I think you will beat those boys, I am in the yellow group . Im pretty fast too.
    By Teresa, don't no if you no me but your teacher will. Good luck.....

  3. Hi Izac
    What a great tory about the cross-country. Your picture was great to. Marshmellows for dessert sounds nice. Anyway good luck for your race in the cross-country. Izac and keep up the great work that your doing.



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