Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poor Mr Burt!!

After reading Mr Burts email from his conference in America some of the Room 2 kids felt very sorry for him having to sleep on the floor!!
So here are some messages from Room 2.
Arohanui from Miss Wild and the Room 2 tamariki.


  1. Hi Venetia,

    I really like your picture. I feel sorry for Mr Burt too. It's sweet how you said that you missed Mr Burt. I think Mr Burt would have been cold if he was sleeping on the floor. I only have one question: Why is he sleeping on the floor?

    From Selena.

  2. Hi Arohanui and room 2
    I really like your post.The bit I liked the most was when you said Mr Burt was snoring and sleeping on the ground. I think that this is really funny,I just can't stop laughing right now. I hope that you can right more funny stories.

  3. Hi Venetia,

    It is so cool that you got to talk with Mr Burt, which is in America. I bet that when he comes back to New Zealand in the plane, he is going to be sleeping peacefully. I wonder why he's sleeping on the floor. Do you have any answers for me? Well if you do can you please tell me by going on to my blog. Here is a link to my blog
    or click on my name above. I would be really happy if you told me why he is sleeping on the floor.

    Your Sincerely,

  4. OK you guys, here's how it is: I couldn't take a tent on the plane. The carpet was quite soft. I DID snore! But the guy next to me had partied late and he didn't even hear me! The only bad part was people kept turning the light on & it was right above my head!
    BUT.....I had heeeeeeeps of fun and the people were all awesome. So...It was worth it & I learned things for PES. Congratulations Venetia for your very funky picture.

  5. hi venetia it PATRICIA I LOVE YORUR DVD


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