Thursday, March 28, 2013

Toby Takes Charge

Hi Guys, look at me with my bookbag in my hand ready for reading with my group - the Mighty Tigers! I have a great smile because I love school a lot, especially Room 4!" said Toby.

By Toby, Room 4. (dictated to teacher)


  1. Room 4 Rockstars!April 4, 2013 at 11:56 AM

    Toby your work is amazing because your writing because it made us smile. Chance thinks your picture is perect!! We think you had lots of details in your picture. Fabulous job!!

    Your friends in Room 4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Toby I Love Your Story About You And Getting Ready to Do Some Reading, Your Picture Is Very Cool I Want To See More Pictures Ok? Thanks Toby Bye!!


  3. Hello Toby

    Love you picture. Cool book bag. Do you like Reading or do you like Math better? I like Maths. I like school too. Try moving your arms a bit more. I like the was you draw the sun

  4. Toby-liscious!
    You are super amazing, both at drawing and telling your story.
    We look forward to many more blog posts.
    What is your favourite story you like to read?

    Love Mum and Noah

    1. Hi Mummy-licious!

      My favourite book so far is 'Locked Out'

      Love from 'Toby-Tobias'


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