Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Look out....

We took turns dressing up. We pretended to be the dental nurse. It was great fun. By Mrs Lal.


  1. Hi Team 1,
    That looks cool, wish I was there. good work they look like real dental nurse.
    Love from Moala

  2. Hi Team 1,
    It would've been a great experience for you little ones. You guys look so cute in the dental nurse uniform. Keep the great work up.

  3. Hi Team 1
    I have just started training to be a teacher - so I am at school too - and I really love your blog site. I heard about you on Radio New Zealand last year and now I have seen your work. It's great and I hope I can get a job as a teacher in a school that is as good as yours.
    Mt Maunganui

  4. Hi Team 1,
    That looks like a very cool experience and you look like professional dental nurses. Keep up the great work and hope that you all had a great time.


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