Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Halloween Scary Pumpkin!

Ana created this picture on our ipads and was very clever and sent it to my email inbox ready to
post a blog story. . .

" I'm a little pumpkin and Ana cut me to make eyes and a scary mouth! 
She put candles inside my amazing pumpkin head so that I shine like the stars and the moon -
can you see them shining and sparkling all around me?" 

By Ana, Room 4.


  1. Hi Ana,
    What very cool story I like the way you have used very good words to go with your fantastic pumpkin story well done !

    Ana Keep up the good work and Strive to Succeed !!.

  2. I love your amazing pumpkin.Also great job on explaining how you drew your pumpkin which is so cool.Looking forward to see your other fantastic drawings.Keep up the great work.

    By Alexandria.J

  3. Hi Ana,
    I really enjoy reading your amazing story about Halloween scary pumpkin.I really like the way how you described your Halloween scary pumpkin.Keep up the amazing work.

  4. HI Ana
    what a cool pumpkin you have with all those fantastic ideas
    I liked your story that goes with your pumpkin keep up the great work and strive to succeed nice job.

  5. Kia Ora Ana,
    Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! this is one of the post that really stood out to me. I like the way you drew the stars because it just lit up the whole picture. The best part for me was how you described the picture using stunning vocabulary.
    Keep it up!!


  6. Ana,

    My name is Kim Templeton. I go to college in the United States. My teacher is friends with your teacher, Mrs. She. Wow, your story was awesome. I love the words you picked to describe your scary pumpkin. He does have an amazing pumpkin head all thanks to you.

    Kim Templeton


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