Thursday, September 6, 2012

Room 4 duck,duck goose.

This afternoon room 4 and our friends room 24 played an exciting game of duck duck goose. Can you see Neo? He is small and fluffy, white and beautiful! Now can you see him? All the students of both classes had real cool fun. We had such an AMAZING time! By Kayde,Matthew and Room 4 and 24.


  1. Hi room 24 i love to see the

  2. Welcome the new room 24 I use to love playing duck, duck goose when I was little but now I'm big and tall and to old to play that...anyway great job and works...bye

  3. Hi Room 4,
    Great story about duck duck goose. It is really interesting. How did room 4 make such a great story about duck duck goose? Children in room 4, you guy's have a great talent at writing paragraphs. I make lots of them because I am in room 13. In my class we do lots of writing, and it's exciting. I wrote about, Tommy kapai Wilson. Did you watch him in last weeks friday assembly. I did... He was great. The part I loved was when he said, " We will alway's go home to our Putta boom boom.. Anyway, Great story. You Have Excellent detail
    From Mary in room 13.......

    1. Room 4 Olympians in training!!!September 14, 2012 at 11:02 AM

      Kia ora Mary, Thank you for your lovely comments to your friends in Room 4. It was actually Kayde and Matthew who helped us with the wording!!! Nice friends
      Arohanui, Room 4


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