Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Stories

Listen to some of our amazing Olympic Stories that we recorded with Miss King. It was our first go with an iPad and we are very excited to share our stories with you.


  1. Hi Room 4. We like your drawing and think you have done an awesome job.Did you win a medal at the games? How long do you need to practise everday to jump over the hoop? We look forward to reading more of your lovely stories.
    From your friends, Room 5.

    1. Room 4 Olympians in training!!!August 8, 2012 at 9:27 AM

      Hi Room 5, Thanks for your comment. Kelly says "you have to practise 5 minutes every day or more". Arohanui, Room 4.

  2. Hi There talented Kelly, Jorelle and Suilepa.
    I am very proud of your work and your use of the ipads to bring your pictures and stories to life.
    Excellent work my tamariki ma!!! Arohanui, Miss Wild.

  3. wow what great stories you guys wrote. I loved them because you have told me about what you guys are doing as you theme like the one that was on the horse and the one that was playing basketball I loved them the most and the others were fantastic too. I loved how Jorelle drew her picture it was beautiful.

  4. Hi kelly and jorlle and suilepa.
    frome nasibah


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