Friday, June 29, 2012

Awesome Art Alive

Oh my gosh - we  thought we were at the zoo when we walked into the PES art gallery this week!

What a wonderful few days we had looking at our amazing art work. How lucky we get to share with the school and the community. 
It was inspiring to see the terrific art in our hall!
Room 4 wants to say we love our fabulous school and how we share our work.
(story dictated to the teacher - Room 4)


  1. Hi room 4 I like the photos because it was clever . I don,t know you can slime.good job. Waimaria scottg

  2. Hey room 4,
    I was amazed too! To see all those beautiful piece of art in our hall. Your right, it did feel kind of like you were in a zoo when we looked at your art!!!

    Well done room 4 and keep up the great work!!! From Jouan :)!

  3. Hi Room 4,
    I love your comment and art alive picture.
    From Nasibah.


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