Thursday, March 29, 2012

School is fun.

Hello. My name is Tatiyana.I am 5 years old.I like going to school. At school I enjoy learning about the alphabet.My best friend is Aisha.(Dictated to the teacher).
By Tatiyana


  1. Hi Tataiyana - We like your picture and your story.
    You look gorgeous in your picture with your Pt England uniform on!
    Arohanui, from your Room 4 friends

  2. Hi little Tataiyana.

    I really like how you wrote. Good Writing. I really like your drawing. Detailed. Are you going to have an happy holiday?

  3. Hi Tataiyana.

    I like your story you wrote about yourself and what you liked to do and learn. Awesome picture too.
    Keep up the great work.


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