Monday, February 27, 2012

Room 4 rocking Te Reo!

Look at Ana and Junior helping to choose the correct day of the week in Maori - guess what?
They could find the right day, say it correctly, and even 'high-5' Whaea Raewyn!
Tino pai Room 4.
I am proud of you -
Miss Wild x x


  1. Hi Room4
    I like year 1 having a go at another language great job Whaea Raewyn

    from brandon

  2. Kia ora room 4,
    Great job with your maori, hope your learning heaps.I might be in your class the next rainy day
    Keep up the good work

    Matthew R

  3. Hi Room 4,

    I remember when I had to say the day in Maori I never got it right. You guys are way better then I was back then. Keep learning Maori one day you might just need it.

    From Waata

  4. Hi Room 4,
    Its good to see you are learning another language at a young age. Whaea Raewyn must have taught you well about Maori. Tino Pai Room 4.

    From Seini-Mino


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