Thursday, October 6, 2011

The magnificent whale tale!

"I drew a whale tail because it is a NZ icon.
Imagine a person getting too close and the whales tail goes 'boom' and then it turns around and eats them!
When they're stuck inside, they will be fighting around to get out, and they might get out through the blowhole!!!!"
They might land on the beach and say " Yay - I'm alive!!" said Noah.


  1. Hi Noah,

    Wow! Amazing picture to match your story. Keep up the great work.

    From Kashya

  2. Hey Noah,

    Your drawing of the wales tail looks like it's a really wales tail. I really liked how you wrote why you drew the wales tail and when you wrote it was apart of New Zealand. Next time you can improve on writing something so it makes sense because said Nora does not make sense. Here are some words to make it make sense. Written by Nora, Illustrated by Nora or created by Nora.
    From Michelle at stonefields school

  3. Hi noah
    I really liked you picture of a whale I think it is pretty amazing.

  4. Hey Noah, Love your whale tail! You are an amazing story teller too.
    Keep it up :)
    Sarah and Dion

  5. WOW noah good picture that looks magnificent.

  6. Whoa Noah, that is one great picture of a whales tale are you sure that that is not a photo of a whale tale? because it is amazing I can almost touch it in real life have you ever been whale watching? I did not now that a whale of a tale was a NZ icon. I like that silver it actually looks like it has been under water. Not hating on your creativity but whales only eat plankton. but it is kinda funny.

  7. Hi Noah magnificent photo it look's really cool.Is that a work Noah.IS IT WORK.FROM EZRA.

  8. Hi DJ,

    I really enjoyed your animation, it was incredible. I have to admit, you are better than me at doing animations.


  9. Hi Noah,

    Noah your picture of your whale's tail is so magnificent.
    By Ashlee

  10. Wow noah what a great story,
    keep up the good work

  11. Hi Noah,

    What an awesome picture. I wanted to comment again because I really liked your post! You did a fantsatic story, no wonder so many people commented on it.

    From Ezra


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